Our Supplier CP&P Pipes


CP&P Pipes have spent more than 20 years focused purely on streamlining the design and manufacture of jacking pipes. They have worked hard to ensure their process is ultra-efficient and the proof is in the consistent quality of their product.

Unlike many other precast concrete companies who attempt to develop jacking pipes as an addition to their wide variety of precast options, CP&P have always maintained their focus on producing just Jacking Pipes. As this is their absolute specialty, we recognise their jacking pipe product is superior and benefits from a high level of attention to detail, the most advanced design and engineering – other precast concrete piping companies simply can’t compete!

Your Jacking Pipe Powerhouse

We work with CP&P engineers who exclusively work on the design and production of steel reinforced concrete jacking pipes. Their company have already supplied many hundreds of kilometers of reinforced concrete jacking pipes to international construction projects in the past 20 years. For the foreseeable future, these guys are our trusted, go-to source for concrete jacking pipes – and they are ready to supply your large-scale project today.

City Of Sydney



CP&P jacking pipes are created especially for:

  • Sewerage projects
  • Stormwater projects
  • Desalination projects
  • Ocean outfall projects

Our partners at CP&P offer standard reinforced concrete jacking pipes in a selection of inner diameters (id) 300mm – 2500mm, in lengths of 2000mm – 3000mm.

These engineered pipes are available with HDPE or high pressure steel liner options and collars can be supplied in either Mild Steel, Galvanised Steel, or Stainless Steel. We will work with CP&P to choose the right pipe product pipes for your project requirements.

CP&P Jacking Pipe Features:

  • Vertical vibration manufacturing process
  • High quality concrete (highly durable)
  • Compliant with Australian/New Zealand Standards (AS/NZ 4058:2007)
  • Custom lengths available (0.5m – 3m)
  • Choice of joint solutions
  • Semi or full HDPE lining options.
  • Steel lining options.

If you have a project that requires this kind of specialist product and service on a large scale, Empire Infrastructure are on standby to organise everything. Contact us today so we can determine exactly what you need, and what timeline you are working to. We will manage the sourcing and supplying on your behalf, with our trusted partners at CP&P Pipes.

Continuous Filament Wound Glass Reinforced Pipe
Australasian Production & World Class Engineering
Available in both open cut or jacking pipe.

Reinforced Concrete Jacking Pipe – available with either mild, galvanised or stainless steel collars. HDPE lining available for sewer pipeline applications.
Centrifugally Cast Glass Reinforced Pipe – available in open cut or jacking pipe.
Concrete shaft segments engineered and produced to the highest standards suitable for various shaft diameters and depths.

Email purchase orders to aaron.mackley@empire.team