Empire Infrastructure Value Proposition

Our Value Proposition is a simple one. We search the planet looking for suppliers that are world renowned for delivering the best products in their area of expertise for a competitive price. Once we’ve found a target supplier that meets our customer’s needs, we begin a detailed analysis to determine how we can deliver their products to a job site in Australia and New Zealand at a price that is below market expectation. If a supplier is able to meet that criteria, then a more extensive service and standard analysis is done to assure that the Empire Supplier is capable of delivering across all of Empire’s required criteria: Pricing, Quality, Delivery, Warranty, Support and Standards.


When it comes to price, we know where we need to be. All of our products are priced very competitively. Our pricing includes all product costs, delivery to site and ongoing site support.


Our products are made to the highest International and Australian quality standards. All of our manufacturers adhere to stringent quality systems so that every step of the manufacturing process is controlled and audited from raw material supply to random testing of finished products. The quality process in maintained from the selection of raw materials to the delivery at site and every step in between.


Empire Delivers! We bring products from any factory in the world and deliver directly to your job site with experienced qualified drivers in a professional manner.


We stand behind our products! Our products are warranted to be fit for purpose and free of any defect of material or workmanship. Warranty periods typically match the requirements of the project.


Empire is there for you from concept to commissioning. When the project is just an idea, we support the designers and clients. Our support doesn’t stop when the product is delivered. Our site support team is there to make sure that our products meet or exceed all of your expectations.


Our products are made with strict adherence to Australian and international manufacturing standards. Certificates are always available upon request.

When a supplier is able to clear each of the manufacturing hurdles mentioned above, only then we will explore entering into an exclusive supply agreement for the Australia and New Zealand markets.

Our stringent supplier selection criteria has made Empire Infrastructure Australia & New Zealand’s leading provider of customized supply solutions for infrastructure projects. Our global manufacturing network brings the know-how and horsepower of some of the world’s best manufacturers to projects in Australia and NZ.

We pride ourselves on our experience and proven track record for supplying some of Australia’s most complex projects.

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