CPP Pipe

CLIENT – Melbourne Water               

LOCATION – Merri Creek to Preston Reservoir        

CONTRACTOR – Rob Carr Pry Ltd / CPB Contractors



M40 Pipeline – Supply of 200 metres of DN1800 Reinforced Concrete Jacking Pipe. 

The M40 Water Main Renewal project involved the replacement of the M40 Pipeline laid in the 1920’s from Merri Creek to Preston Reservoir. The works involved approximately 2km of 1750mm MSCL Pipe and associated MSCL offtakes. Scope of works also included 7 reticulation watermain shutdowns requiring extensive coordination with Yarra Valley Water for cross connections, 2 major VicRoads intersections crossings undertaken as 24‐hour woks & abandonment of 2.2kms of redundant OD1350 MS watermain. The alignment was located between two Yarra Tram lines travelling along St Georges Road, and pipe was laid beneath the existing shared pedestrian/cyclist pathway currently carrying up to 4000 cyclists travelling to the CBD daily.
One of the sections is near the corner of Miller Street St Georges Road, opposite the Sir Douglas Nicholls Sporting Complex in Thornbury. It was determined that this area was a higher risk for open trench installation due to the high frequency of existing services. The design called for microtunneling a jacking pipe sleeve through this section. The MSCL pipe was then to be pushed through the jacked sleeve pipe.
CPB Contractors engaged Rob Carr Pty to complete these works. Empire Infrastructure worked with Rob Carr to supply approx. 200m of DN1800 concrete pipe to the project. Given the critical nature of this piece of infrastructure, a high quality product and timely delivery were required. The pipe was delivered ahead of schedule, to a space restricted storage site in the centre median on St Georges Rd.
Rob Carr undertook the installation soon after the arrival of pipe in the challenging environment. The pipe was tunnelled at a depth of 4-5 metres. The single shot was successfully completed within the project timeframe. Which allowed the broader project works to continue in line with the project schedule.

The technical team at Empire Infrastructure have over 35 years of experience supplying pipe for complex infrastructure projects in Australia and NZ and are always available to answer your questions about jacking

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