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CLIENT – Warrnambool City Council

LOCATION – Simpson St, Warrnambool , VIC, AUSTRALIA

CONTRACTOR – Rob Carr Pty Ltd


Supply of 160m of Channeline 1700 x 890 non-circular relining sections – complete with tongue and groove joints.


The Simpson Street drainage tunnel is a major piece of drainage infrastructure that Warrnambool City Council owns and maintains. The Simpson Street tunnel is one of 6 drainage tunnels that the Council is responsible for. The tunnel was created to drain low-lying land in the Warrnambool East area and services a catchment of 147 Ha or just over 1% of the City by area. Warrnambool City Council undertook several inspections in recent years and discovered areas of the tunnel that required relining. WCC proposed a variety of different solutions. It was decided that the most effective solution was to line a portion of the tunnel of GRP segmented liners, designed and built as close to the existing profile of the existing tunnel shape as possible.
Rob Carr Pty Ltd proposed the Channeline Segmented non-circular panel system supplied by Empire Infrastructure. This was the product and method adopted by WCC and over a period of 8 months the installation was successfully completed and commissioned.
As planned for, the liners have resulted in some loss of total cross section of the tunnel, but both the GRP liners have reduced the roughness and improved the hydraulic efficiently of the tunnel From a community perspective, there is very little to show on the surface for 8 months of works underground, but the community in the East Warrnambool area now have a reduced risk of flooding from tunnel failure.

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